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Personnel Process Outsourced Services

Sourcing of Applicants for Client direct hiring

  • Posting ads thru posters and partner job portals
  • Attend and man job fairs
  • Facilitate Tie-ups with schools and institutions
  • Create and maintain manpower pooling and data base

Testing & Evaluation

  • Administration of psychological tests and preliminary interview
  • Tie–ups with Psychological testing / assessment centers
  • Background Investigation

Completion of Requirements

  • Endorsement for pre–employment medical exam
  • Completion of 201 file requirements

Hiring & Endorsement

  • Facilitate signing of Client Employment Contract
  • Orientation for Client Company Policies
  • Endorsement of New Employees to client
  • Provision of new employee/s 201 file upon endorsement
  • Provision of uniform, PPE etc.

Payroll Outsourced Services

Daily Time Records Monitoring

  • Provision, set–up and maintenance of timekeeping system
  • Checking of employees time in and out
  • Completeness of data captured by timekeeping device

Payroll Processing

  • Use of own Payroll System and effecting changes in case of new government regulations
  • Payroll checking & computation
  • Encoding of employee deductions
  • Submission of final payroll data for bank uploading
  • Sending of printable pay slips for client distribution
  • Set up of client viewing portal for timekeeping & payroll data

Computation of Man hours

  • Setting of shifting schedules
  • Downloading or collation of time records
  • Computation of overtime, rest day and holiday pay

Special Payroll Process

  • Computation of 13th month pay
  • Computation of Service Incentive Leave (SIL) & other paid leaves
  • Computation of tax refunds and/or accountability refunds
  • Computation of other bonuses & incentives

Report Submission

  • Submission & generation of necessary reports & documents to client for archiving & audits.
  • Updates on employee TIN number completion

Training and Development Outsourced Services


  • Rules & regulations, mandatory benefits, payroll computation,etc
  • Conducting periodic re–orientation
  • Discussing changes brought about by new regulations, department orders, etc.

Benefits System updates

  • Provision of updates on new regulations released by DOLE & BIR
  • Tie–up with DOLE, BIR & other govt. bodies for in–house trainings and updates
  • Conducting Employee Mandatory Benefits Orientation to employees with verification exam

TESDA Accredited Training Programs

  • Tie–up with Jobskills Training Center Inc. and other TESDA accredited training institutions
  • Vocational training for skilled workers / new applicants
    - 5S
    - Lean Management
    - Clean Room
    - QMS/EMS
    - Basic Computer
    - IPC
    - Basic Soldering and De – soldering
    - Work Ethics

Benefits Outsourced Services

Encoding & updating of members information

  • Applicable for SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Private Insurance companies or HMOs

Computation of mandatory benefits for remittance

  • SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Private Insurance Companies or HMO

Preparation of timely sending of mandatory reports

  • Generation of reports needed by SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, and
  • Private Insurance companies or HMO
  • Generation of reports for separated/resigned employees
  • Facilitation of payments for remittance of mandatory benefits

Processing of Employee Benefits (Liaison Officer)

  • SSS – Sickness, Maternity
  • ECC – accident, dismemberment
  • Philhealth
  • HDMF
  • Private Insurance (HMO)
  • Special Mandated Leaves
  • Check Release

Facilitation of Private Insurance

  • Tie up with HMO / Life Insurance providers (act as agent)

SSS, Philhealth, HDMF and ECC Updates

  • Effecting changes brought about by the updates into the benefits system
  • Assistance in any unposted or issues encountered related to mandated contributions

Employee Relations Assistance Outsourced Services

Personnel Assistance Monitoring

  • Assistance in monitoring violations based on the client’s code of discipline.
  • Conducting investigation based on incident reports.
  • Preparation of reports for submission to HR

Maintenance of 201 files

  • Compiling, organizing and filing 201 files in the premises of the client
  • Scanning of documents for records keeping via Cloud or other storage devices


Whether your company is considered a big corporation or a small to medium enterprise, running your company on a day to day basis requires much attention to mitigate risks. In this day and age of competition, companies prefer to focus on the delivery of their products and services to their customers. We at SERBISYO OUTSOURCING FACILITIES INC or SOFI assist companies in your Administrative and HR needs. Whether taking over a specific process or augmenting your current set-up, SOFI can help simplify your operations and give you peace of mind. Not only do we offer use of our tried and tested systems and processes, we also include the expert personnel who do the processing for you.

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